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Thesis With regard to the topic of the dissertation, it is proposed to bear in mind two important aspects. One of them is your personal interest. If you're really interested in the topic being handled, this will make your work smoother, otherwise you might make your own business more difficult. Another aspect of choosing the ideal topic is to find a topic on which there is sufficient reliable literature. To choose a topic, you can use improvised methods: books, the Internet or essay authors ( It is important that the purpose of your dissertation is to confirm or refute your hypothesis. With the knowledge you have acquired so far, you should be able to formulate a statement based on a statement, a hypothesis, which you then need to prove through research to see if it is true or not discover here.Be prepared that the thesis must be completed by the deadline so that there are no problems! So that writing a thesis does not end in a crazy rush, it is advisable to draw up a preliminary schedule and stick to it, or you can ask everyone to contact the author of the essay ( for help. The schedule optimally includes time for choosing a topic, deadlines for collecting material, as well as days and detailed tasks that need to be spent on writing. For security reasons, you can give yourself more time to fix any delays or tasks that take longer than expected.

The schedule may also include dates for the selection and visit of the consultant and supervisor, as well as consultations with him/her. The consultant invited by the student acts as a kind of mentor or assistant in the preparation of the thesis, representing both the educational institution and professional and quality requirements.

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