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4th Jun 2019, URBAN:LIST

Here's where to find the best market in Wellington

We love a market, and lucky for us, Wellington is pretty damn good at them. From street food, to produce, to handmade goods, we’re spoilt for choice.

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Lantern Festival 2019

Is it really a New Year without a lantern festival to mark the occasion? 

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6th May 2017, Culture Trip

The best markets in Wellington

Arts, crafts, delicious food and coffee, and plenty of character. 

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QT Hotels & Resorts

Our pick of the Wellington night market 

It can be a jungle out there, let us show you the sights at Wellington’s Night Market.

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Things to do after dark in Wellington

If there’s one thing we’re sure of, it’s that the New Zealand fun doesn’t stop when the sun goes down! 

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100% Pure Wellington

The Wellington Underground Market

Artisans, producers, artists, locals and visitors come together to trade their wares at Wellington’s weekly markets.

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The Great Journeys in Wellington

Eat your way through Wellington this winter

What to do to get you out of the house in the colder months? The answer: eat.

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The Five Best Markets in Wellington

If you're anything like me and prefer to avoid any form of cooking, then the Wellington Night Market could be your new best mate.

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Wellington Night Market

Experience a melting pot of different cultures at the Wellington Night Market.

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