Q: Where is the Lantern Festival?

A: The Lantern Festival is held at Lower Cuba St, Te Aro, Wellington 6011

Q: When is the Lantern Festival?
A: For the first time, the Lantern Festival will be held over two spectacular days!
   Friday 16th February 2018 5pm - 12am
   Saturday 17th February 2018   12pm - 11pm


Q: Where can I view the 2018 program?

A: You can find all the program details here

    Alternatively visit our Facebook page for updates on the festival

Q: How do I get to the Lantern Festival?
A: The Lantern Festival is easily accessible by multiple bus routes, which will stop only meters away from

    the festival. Please follow this link for more information on which buses you can take from your area.

    The Train stop is also only a short walk from the festival. Click here.

    There are frequent buses from outside the station that will take you to Manners St (Stop 66) right near

    the festival. These include 1, 2, 10, 11, 14, 20, 23, 43, 44, 052, 054, 83, 84, 91.


    Alternatively you could get your friends together and carpool!

Q: Where can I park on the day?

A: There are many parking buildings around the city available to park in. Click here to view.

Q: How do I become a Volunteer?

A: Volunteers help us to make sure the festival runs smoothly! We allocate many different jobs, and it is a

    fun way to be involved in the event. If you would like more information regarding signing up to

    become a volunteer, please email cass.g@wellingtonnightmarket.co.nz


Q: How can I participate in the lantern making competition?

A: To participate in the lantern making competition you must register by date and time. To register – or

    to get more information regard the competition please email sarah.s@wellington nightmarket.co.nz


Q: How can I participate in the lantern making workshops?

A: Well-known lantern making artists Phillipa and Katrina from Dunedin, and Jun and Yuan from China will

    be in attendance to run workshops. In order to encourage and reward all the participants, prizes will be

    given to the most creative lanterns!


    If you would like to participate in the lantern making workshops, please email

    sarah.s@wellington nightmarket.co.nz


Q: Is this event appropriate for children?

A: Yes! This event is perfect to bring the little ones down to. Many children around Wellington are

    submitting their own lanterns into the parade! There will be many activities for them to partake in on

    the day.


Q: Will there be food available at the lantern festival?

A: There will be a huge range of food available to be purchased from local vendors. Over 50 Wellington

    local food stalls will be serving up delicious treats all night.


Q: Is this event wheelchair accessible?

A: Yes this event is wheelchair accessible.


Q: Will there be a help desk at the festival?

A: There will an information tent where you can find maps, performance schedules and our friendly staff

    to answer any questions you may have!


Q: Will any festival events be recorded?

A: There will be film, sound and photos being taken throughout the day at the festival. These will be made

    available on the WNM website as well as the WNM Facebook page. Should you wish not to be filmed,

    please advise a volunteer at the festival or alternatively contact cass.g@wellingtonnightmarket.co.nz if

    there are images you would like taken down.


Q: Do I need to buy tickets to the festival?

A: No! This event is free admission. There will be plenty of free activities and performances. There will be

    food to purchase along with other merchandise.


Q: Where can I enquire about lost property?

A: All lost property from the 2018 Festival will be held at the WNM head office and then passed on to the

    police station. If you lost something at the venue, please email 

    cass.g@wellingtonnightmarket.co.nz and tell them: 

  • What did you lose?

  • Where did you lose it?

  • When did you lose it?

  • What event were you attending?

  • Anything else that might help us find your property