Date: Friday, Feb 16th 5pm-12am; Saturday, Feb 17th 12pm-11pm

Venue: Lower Cuba Street


Come be dazzled by our spectacular illumination of hundreds of handmade lanterns and life-size sculptured lanterns. Each lantern is custom-build by Chinese artisans and typically takes a month to complete.

Lantern highlights:


The Great Dragon

Oak St









Yes, our 5 meter long dragon is in town!  Chinese dragons are legendary creatures in Chinese mythology. They are a symbol of China, and they are believed to bring good luck to people.



Spot the hidden Kiwis

Corner of Manners St and Cuba St


It wouldn’t be a festival in Wellington without a little bit of Kiwiana. This year, for the first time in Wellington, we celebrate the Lantern Festival with this beautiful Kiwi sculptured lantern. A spectacular fusion of two cultures you will not want to miss!


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Additionally, we will allocate 2 smaller sized kiwi lanterns around the night market for YOU to find.  “Spot the hidden kiwis”, snap a selfie with the #WNMlanternfestival for a chance to win a $1000 cash prize!


Chinese Valen-tie

Lower Cuba St


Due to the popularity from last year, we bring back the “Chinese Valen-tie” to the 2018 Lantern Festival!

The Valen-tie Wishing Tree area is for couples to enjoy the beautiful lantern festival and share it with their loved one. Come to get your Red String Bracelet, made with high quality cotton and originating all the way from the Matsu Temple in Taiwan. Legend has it that the couple who wears the matching Red String Bracelet will be blessed and protected. (The gold string is for family)!


To make a wish, write your wishes down on a lantern, hanging in the branches of the Wishing Trees, and then wait for the lantern magic to begin… The higher the branch that the wish lantern is tied on, the more likely it will be for the person’s hopes to be fulfilled.


All proceeds will be donated to charities.


Amazing Peacock

Corner of Manners St and Cuba St


The peacock possesses some of the most admired human characteristics, and is a symbol of integrity and the beauty in many cultures.

Again in 2018, we bring back this larger than life, amazing Peacock sculptured lantern display. With its vibrant colors, standing 3 meters high, it will be an unforgettable experience.



Panda party

Lower Cuba St and Wakefield St


Children love Pandas! We have created a space that the kids will go crazy for. Come check out our 2 meter high Panda and solve some Lantern Riddles to win prizes!



Midsummer wonderland

Lower Cuba St and Wakefield St


A vibrant display of mushrooms, butterflies and so much more. Midsummer Wonderland will make you feel like you are living in a real life fairytale.