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Left Bank has now been open for an amazing seven years. Thanks to all the local members of the public and overseas tourists who have attended since its inception.

Showcasing new entertainers and world-wide flavours. We still continue to build on our experience by showcasing new entertainers and world-wide flavours in amongst our growing foot traffic.

Selling the biggest range of international cuisine. In the last seven years, we have brought together a tight-knit community of artists, local performers and private stallholders who sell the biggest range of international cuisine in Wellington. 

The Friday Night Market has become a staple of Cuba Mall bringing in a setting that is full of life and full of variety to its pavement each and every week. 

Left Bank, Cuba Street



Every Friday 

5PM - 10PM

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Friday Night Market

Friday Night Market

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"A massive range of international foods"

"An authentic place to perform on a local stage"

"A fantastic community builder"

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